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I don’t think that it is a secret. If you want to accomplish great things you have to build a great team. Amazing things happen in the context of community.

Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor. Eccl 4:9

This is biblical wisdom – together is a powerful thing. If you want to accomplish significant things on a consistent basis, you need a great team. You may be in the position to build an effective team from scratch or you may find yourself on a team that someone else put together. You may have a large amount of influence, or you may have little input into the direction the team takes. No matter what type of team you are plugged into, you will always have control of one thing: the value that you add to the team by your participation. Your level of commitment, effort, and passion can significantly increase or decrease your team’s accomplishments. If you really believe in what you are trying to accomplish, then you must bring your best in order for the team to excel. Are you ready to be the MVP on your next project?

Here are 5 practical steps to becoming a better teammate:

Have a Common Goal

Teams are composed of individuals and each person brings their own agendas with them. Everyone has their own reasons for participating and their own ideas of what the win looks like. It is important for any team to have a clear purpose and a well-communicated goal. Once the win is defined, each person has to make the decision to prioritize that goal. To be a better teammate, we must set aside selfish ambition and strive to make the community better.

Be Trustworthy

Integrity filters through every aspect of our lives. It is hard for any group to move forward when they are afraid of getting a knife in their back. When motives are suspect, suspicion runs high, and progress stagnates. A team that trusts each other is free from that weight and can be much more responsive. You begin to build this by consistently doing what is right in spite of the personal cost. When others see that integrity is more important to you than personal gain, trust is formed.

Do More than Your Share

Be unfair with your share. Everything does not have to be equal. A lot of team members get bogged down if they feel like their share of the work is more than fair. Instead, embrace the extra workload. Imagine building a culture that enables and encourages each team member to perform high above expectations. The kind of team that regularly celebrates and is filled with team members that excel. You can be the catalyst to creating that kind of environment by accomplishing more than is expected of you with a great attitude.

Be Slow to Take Credit – Quick to Take Responsibility

Success in a team is always a “we” thing. Even if you have outperformed everyone and you are the sole reason for the win, always praise and credit the team. This is especially important if you are the team leader. On the other side of the same coin, don’t shift blame for negative things that may occur. Own your piece of the responsibility. This will add to the foundation of trust that you have built.

Invest in Your Teammates   

Be the kind of person that adds value to those that are around you. In your team, when you add to another team member, you are also increasing what the team can accomplish. Encourage, equip, and assist your team. Have concern for more than just their productivity. Remember that each individual is a real person with unique issues and needs. Pray for each other and then become a constructive encouragement to them.

What are some things that you do to encourage others? Leave a comment…

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