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2 Understandings to Grow Your Faith

I’ve never had anyone say to me “I wish I had just a little less faith.” The fact is that most of us, when we think about it, want to exercise more faith in our lives. I believe we would… Continue Reading →

Making Sense of Tragedy

Why?   Finding the why in life is a vast undertaking. This is especially true in times of great tragedy. Yesterday afternoon we got word that a student in my children’s school district had passed away. An unknown sudden illness… Continue Reading →

3 Things Your Soul Desperately Needs

Prayer is an amazing thing. Most people believe to some extent in the power of prayer but, as a follower of Christ, it is much more than just a cry out into the dark. The Bible shows us that prayer… Continue Reading →

3 Things that will Destroy Your Joy

Do you find yourself with a look on your face like you’ve been sucking on lemons all day? Do you hear yourself say really positive things, but in an almost Eeyore-like voice? I find myself here sometimes. How do we… Continue Reading →

Your Faith at Work

Following Christ needs to be a consuming endeavor. It is easy for us to compartmentalize our lives. We have our church selves, our home selves, and our work selves and if we are not careful, we can develop different habits… Continue Reading →

4 Things You Need to do With Your Family Every Day

            Having a great family life looks effortless from the outside, but it takes a lot of effort to create an environment where your family thrives. A lot of times we get it backward and… Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Fight the Funk

Are you in a funk? We all have days where nothing seems to go right, but sometimes those days combine and multiply to create a season of struggle. Do you feel like the simplest things take an extreme amount of… Continue Reading →

Do Good

Sermon 8/24/14

Sermon from Restoration Church by Pastor David VanAtter Click here for Audio

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