Read the Bible with Clarity

Read the Bible with Clarity

Do you want to read your Bible with more clarity and understanding? We’re going to talk about the one thing that can refresh your reading time so let’s get going. Hey, everybody, this is your YouTube Bible teacher David VanAtter and I want to help you live the Bible in the real world. Reading the Bible is always good for you. It’s essential for a vibrant and growing relationship with God. That’s why understanding what you read is so important. It helps you grab onto the purpose of playing God has for your life. So let’s talk about the one thing that will maximize the time you spend reading your Bible, and that one thing is context.

Importance of Context

When we started to take the Bible out of context things get real fuzzy real quickly. People can justify just about anything and have a verse to back them up but the reality is it’s probably
exactly the opposite of what the Bible is teaching. Context is simply reading the Bible as it was originally intended without us adding anything to it. When reading the Bible from that viewpoint, I’m not trying to cram the Bible into my preconceived ideas. I’m allowing the Bible to challenge me and change me as I read it. So, if we want to keep the Bible in context, we need to think about these three things.

Consider the History

The first thing is history. The Bible contains real historical context. As we start to understand the different things that are going on in the world at the time of these writings, we begin to understand the circumstances surrounding our favorite passages. An example of this is first Peter chapter 3. In this chapter, Peter starts talking about suffering and this is a topic that the people who were reading this knew all too well.

You see, Nero was persecuting Christians during this time, so these people probably had friends or family or knew someone who the experienced real suffering. Nero had been doing horrible things and in verse 14 of chapter 3 Peter says this “but even if you should suffer for the sake of righteousness you are blessed and do not fear their intimidation and do not be troubled.”

Understanding the history that surrounds the passage can really make it come alive. A lot of Bibles have some really good notes in the front of each book or you can get a Bible dictionary for some really good content as well.

Consider the Language

The second thing to think about is language. You know, it’s a lot easier to understand and read the Bible when we take it face value. It really means what it says. One of the biggest mistakes we can make is to replace the words of the Bible with contemporary usage or contemporary values or to change the way that we interpret things based on our culture rather than how it was originally written. The Bible uses specific words to convey a specific meaning. So let’s let it be the authority.

Consider the Rest of the Bible

The third thing to consider is the rest of the Bible. Now, this is where everybody kind of goes nuts. What they do is they take a verse and they try to build an argument in isolation. They take it out of context and, leave everything else in scripture behind, just using this one verse by itself. But we can’t do that. We can’t build a whole theological argument based on one little snippet because each chapter each verse each book each line all complements the whole. It is all telling one story.

Even with 40 authors written over 1,400 years, the Bible is an incredibly cohesive work. It all fits together. The message is consistent. The Bible itself helps us understand the other portions of it. The key is to consistently read the whole thing and to keep reading. Every time we travel through its pages we’re going to learn something new.

One More Thing

Context is very important but there’s one more thing that we need to consider. You see I believe that God is real and that God wants us to know who He is. I believe the Bible is God’s Word. It’s His love letter to you and He wants you to be able to understand and learn from it as you read. So before you sit down next time to read, stop for a minute and pray and ask God to give you clarity as you read through. I believe those are the exact kind of prayers that God loves to answer.

I hope this helps you get a little bit more out of the time that you spend in your Bible and until next time I’ll pray that God does some amazing things in your life thanks again for watching if you found this helpful make sure to LIKE and subscribe down below it really helps out a lot and if you know somebody that needs some inspiration today feel free to pass this on share with them on Facebook or Twitter or anywhere else and have a great week serving the King.

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