2 Understandings to Grow Your Faith


I’ve never had anyone say to me “I wish I had just a little less faith.” The fact is that most of us, when we think about it, want to exercise more faith in our lives. I believe we would all like to see the kind of faith that drives our lives into greater significance and purpose. God makes some outrageous promises in His Word and then asks us to simply trust Him. Knowing that without faith it is impossible to please God makes it even more imperative that we progress in our journey. So how does it grow? How can we place more trust in God today than we ever have before? Here are two things that we must understand in order for us to see substantial progress in our faith journey:

Faith grows when we begin to understand God’s character

God is always good. When He guides and directs, it is always in our best interest. It is hard for us to step back and see things from that perspective, especially when our circumstances seem bleak.  The more we immerse ourselves in the character of God, the more we are able to trust Him in the big and the small. As we wrap our heads around the concepts of Holiness, Goodness, Patience, and Love, our faith begins to meet us within our context. Once our trust matures, we can then become bold in our actions and attempt great things for God.

Faith grows when we begin to understand God’s authority

God is the supreme authority and nothing is greater. Health issues, world politics, and even life and death are all subject to Him. Everything that comes your way has already been filtered through the authority, love, and compassion of God. He can take all things and make something good out of them. When you go through your toughest times, faith says that the best is yet to come. Trust God even when it doesn’t make sense. At some point you will see how He takes broken things and makes greatness from the pieces. He never loses control. He is always faithful.

Keep moving forward and let your faith blossom as you continue to understand God’s character and authority.

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