Devotional Poem: My Great Savior

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Eloquence abandons me
As I try to describe
This implausible, inconceivable
Change in my life
I once was dead
But now I am alive
Given victory over struggle
Set free to thrive

But it is not about me
I am just a beacon
To point to the source
That deserves my devotion
I needed a Savior
Evil had me undone
Jesus came to my rescue
Restored what was broken

He’s the great Author
And He’s changing my story
He’s the source of love
And He wields it fiercely
He’s the dispenser of grace
And He gives it freely
I give all to Him
Because He is worthy

He doesn’t stop here
This grace is contagious
He transforms our lives
And makes us His agents
Of good deeds and love
Mercy and kindness
Sends us out to the world
To reflect His brightness

Sharing with someone

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  1. Vanessa Burke says:

    Nice. #GodRomance ?

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