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Busyness is an epidemic. Our culture encourages us to push ourselves beyond healthy limits to overachieve. The problem is that as we are striving to achieve, we actually drive down our quality of life and miss some great things in our personal relationships. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in hard work. Working hard is good and I believe it is a way we praise God for the abilities He has given us. We need to give our best to the tasks we undertake, but we also need to set time for intentional refreshment. If we don’t get refreshment, we start to lose passion and endurance in life’s most significant areas. We need to develop habits that continually refresh us as we accomplish great things. Here are three habits to start developing this week:


Set aside some time each week for physical rest. Some people pride themselves on how many consecutive days they can work and brag about how much they get accomplished during that time. That is noble, but foolish. We are designed to require rest to function at our best. Getting a good night’s sleep each day is a great start, but we also need weekly refreshment. This is not only a benefit to you, it is also an acknowledgement to God’s design and plan for you. Do you trust that you will accomplish more if you give Him one day to rest and refresh?


In addition to physical rest, we also need to be refreshed in our spirit. This kind of refreshment only comes from time spent with God. Don’t neglect your personal time with God. Read His word for nourishment and talk with Him through prayer to align your heart to His. This is more than just a mental exercise, it is a growth experience as God take our small investment and produces His character traits in our lives.


There are so many negative messages consistently pushed at you. If we are not careful, we can begin to let those messages define the way we view the world around us. Once we begin to frame the conversation in negative terms, we have lost. Take some time to intentional refresh yourself mentally as well. Read blogs, listen to podcasts, and talk with wise people in your circle of influence. Saturate your mind with things that will enable growth. Choose a positive mindset and then feed that mindset. You will be encouraged by equipping your mind. This will enable you to make better choices and live more passionately about your purpose.

Develop habits now that continually refresh you as you work hard toward your God given goals.

Sharing with someone

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  1. Hi, Pastor Y Daud in Pakistan, good to know about you, love to have some more information about you, God bless you all, thanks,

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