3 Things Your Soul Desperately Needs

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Prayer is an amazing thing.

Most people believe to some extent in the power of prayer but, as a follower of Christ, it is much more than just a cry out into the dark.

The Bible shows us that prayer not a religious exercise, but a relational tool.  God desires to be connected to His kids and gave us the way for us to hear from Him (His Word) and for us to respond back to Him (through prayer.)

I believe that we are intentionally designed with this relationship in mind so that we can only find true satisfaction in our connection to God.

Our souls crave things that can only be produced in our lives by prayer.

Here are 3 things that you soul desperately needs:


Have you ever spent so much time with someone that you begin to pick up their mannerisms and phrases?

This happens as we spend time in prayer. As you pray, you enter into the presence of an infinite God.

The more time you spend with Him, the more His character rubs off on you. It is during this time that our heart begins to become aligned with His heart.

We begin to see the World through the lens of His love, mercy, and grace.


There are times in our lives where we have decisions to make that are not just the choice between bad and good.

Hopefully, you have already resolved to choose good in that scenario every time.

Sometimes, however, you have choices between two good things and you are trying to determine which direction to take.

God gives His wisdom extravagantly. James tells us that when we don’t have the wisdom that we need, we must ask for it and God will supply.

As my kids get older, their questions get tougher.

I love it when they ask my opinion on something and I have something valuable to share with them from my experience.

God interacts with us as a father with his children. He has all of the answers. He has valuable wisdom for our circumstances and He wants us to ask.

God wants His kids to thrive, specifically in their relationship to Him.


Sometimes we look at our situations and there is nothing left for us to do.

Sometimes circumstances are completely out of our control.

The good news is that they are never out of God’s control. Prayer is a divine connection to an all-powerful God.

There are times where He can intervene when no one else can. Because of this, there is always hope.

For the follower of Christ, even death itself is full of hope.

On the other side of this life is the prize – an eternity with the same God who loved you enough to provide an open door.

So when it seems darkest in your life, prayer show us that daybreak is just on the horizon.

Reach out to God today. Make time for a conversation that has the potential to change you and the World.

Sharing with someone

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