8 Ways to Spread Christmas Cheer

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This is by far one of the busiest times of the year. We are all familiar with the true reason for the holidays. Infinite God met finite man in a manger and the story of redemption began to unfold. This season holds so much wonder and joy. It is a time of amplified celebration and the potential for true lasting peace on Earth seems just within our grasp.

At least that is how we picture it. The truth is that our crammed calendars can be pickpockets that steal all the joy out of this exciting season. We get so burned out that the Christmas cheer evaporates and things that should be fun become a drudgery. Let us fight the Christmas burnout and celebrate the greatest story ever told in new and fresh ways this year. With only a few days left until Christmas, here are eight things to try that will help you bring back the jolliness:

Write a Handwritten Note

I love digital media. It is amazing to me how connected we can be through all of the available electronic outlets. In these environments, however, we lose something important. A personal touch can really convey a powerful message. Something as simple as a handwritten note that shares a message from the heart can change the trajectory of someone’s day.

Invite a friend out for Coffee

Take a few moments and spend them with a good friend. Time is our most valuable asset and when you give your time away during a busy season, it communicates how much you treasure that person. Find a nice spot to get away and grab a warm beverage on a cold night.

Revive the Christmas Carol

Grab a few friends (preferably some that can carry a tune) and go out caroling. This has become a lost tradition, but I have rarely seen someone not burst into a huge smile when carolers stop by. Throw on your most festive outerwear and go all out. Just don’t expect any figgy pudding before moving on. You might be waiting a while.

Give a Gift to a Stranger

While we were still strangers and sinners, God gave His Son. Find a neat tchotchke or more practical item and wrap it up. Write a small note to the unknown person who will receive this present and let them know why you are sending a gift to someone you have never met. It’s just a small glimpse into the unbelievable love of Christ. Then, leave it somewhere conspicuous.

Create a Hot Cocoa Station

Nothing seems more festive than a steaming cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s night. Find a great spot to set up a free hot chocolate station and make someone night a little warmer. Put a big smile on and engage with the community with the greatest communication tool at our disposal – chocolate.

Organize a Candy Cane Hunt

Hide some candy canes around the house or neighborhood and send your loved ones off on an adventure. You can wrap it up by reading the story of the candy cane and discussing the symbolism of other Christmas elements.

Read the Christmas Story

Have some friends over to spend time together and read the Christmas story as a group. You can either have one robust storyteller or have everyone read a part. Spending time in THE story of Christmas really changes how you approach the season. You can also tell stories of your favorite Christmas moments over the years.

Refresh Your Soul

This is incredibly important. Don’t let the busy season steal from your quiet time with God. His present is His presence. Dive into His Word and stoke the fires of a vibrant relationship with Him. His peace will help temper the stresses of the holiday rush. Stay connected with the Savior.

Sharing with someone

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