It Will Get Better

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It will get better

The pain may be extraordinary

The road may seem endless

The darkness may be too oppressive to bear

But I know it will get better


It’s easy to say things like that

When on the outside looking in

It’s harder to embrace that truth

As you freefall endlessly in a tailspin

But I know it will get better


People try to comfort you

With a word or with a verse

Leaving you wondering

If you are the only one who really understands the hurt

Yet I know it will get better


“All things work together for good”

And that’s more than a nice quote to put you at ease

It’s something much more substantial

Than any motivation you might receive


This is a promise from an Invincible God

The God that can make stars out of words

The God that can make physics bend and break to His will

The God that performs miracles because nature itself can’t box Him in

That God is at work right now


He never stops, He never sleeps, He never forgets

He is relentless

We may not always see Him

But He is always about His business


And He takes all the broken

He takes all the abandoned

He takes every moment

And with an Artist’s hand

Weaves it all together to create… good


You see, I know it will get better

Because God loves us too much to leave us where He found us

Sharing with someone

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  1. Lucila Massaro says:

    Such a beautiful poem and so true God is always there taking care of his children therefore it will get better.

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