Your Faith at Work

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Following Christ needs to be a consuming endeavor. It is easy for us to compartmentalize our lives.

We have our church selves, our home selves, and our work selves and if we are not careful, we can develop different habits and actions in each environment.

In this paradigm, it is easy to confine God into a small portion of your life. This becomes really apparent in how we approach our workplaces.

God shouldn’t be a side dish at the buffet of life’s choices. Instead, He wants to be the foundational rock that our identity is built upon, then we can become the person God wants us to be regardless of the circumstances.

It is easy to get so caught up in all the negatives that go along with a work environment that we forget to be the influencers.

Here are a few ways to be the right person while at work:

Be Your Best

Work hard and do a good job no matter what. Work with all the fervor and intensity that you would if God was right with you (which in a very real sense, He is.)

Strive to always do your best and have a process for continually improving your abilities.

Think of your actions as either pushing people away from or inviting them into a relationship with God.

In that view, everything we do has eternal value and significance.

Be Trustworthy

The most sought after qualities of employees and employer alike are honesty and integrity.

Others around you need to be confident that you will do the right thing even if it isn’t easy.

Combine this with a habit of following through on commitments and you will become a person that others can trust.

Trust is a social currency that is hard to acquire, but incredibly easy to lose.

Build trust by saying what you mean and following through with commitments.

Be the Positive Influence

Gossip, complaints, and negativity are on-the-job hazards. It is really hard to break out of the downward spiral of negativity.

You have amazing potential to be the catalyst for change in your workplace.

As you develop a vital relationship with God that begins to consume each compartment of your life, you will have the strength to remain positive even when your surroundings are not.

Sometimes a simple encouraging thought or phrase can make all the difference in someone’s day.

Put your heart and soul into your work, so that others can see your heart and soul.

Sharing with someone

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