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I remember watching a cartoon with my kids about a certain handyman and his talking tools. Each day they would approach a different problem and if you could break it, they could fix it. This handy man always knew what it would take to get the job done and more importantly, he always had the right tool for the job.

I have experienced the fact that it is a lot harder to get something done if you don’t have the right tools. Trying to unscrew a Phillips head screw with a butter knife can be very frustrating. When you have access to the right set of tools, everything becomes so much more simple.
Looking for advice can be a lot like looking for the right tool. If you end up getting the wrong advice, you can end up in some really hard situations. If you get good advice, you have the right tool for the situation you are in. The book of Proverbs in the Bible has a whole lot to say about obtaining wisdom and seeking great advice. Let me give you 3 things to help you get started:

Go to the Right Source
When looking for advice, not just anybody will do. Some people may be good friends but lousy advice givers. Look for people who have demonstrated the ability to exercise wisdom. These are the people that can offer meaningful, practical advice. Whatever you do, don’t go to someone who will only tell you what you want to hear. That may make you feel good up front, but can potentially make the situation much worse. Finding the right source for advice needs to be an important part of your problem solving process.
Don’t Settle for Inferior Advice
A lot of times, conventional wisdom and the right answer are two very different things. Conventional wisdom may say to “get even” when the right thing to do is to “let go”. It may say to run away from your problems when the right answer is to stay and work through them. Don’t settle for easy answers. Search out truth and wisdom and then don’t be afraid to apply those truths to your life. Give your source permission to be completely honest with you and allow them to say the things you need to know even if they are hard to hear.
Consider a Biblical Counselor
Sometimes issues can be bigger than we think we can handle. Don’t be afraid to seek out someone who can help. God has created us to be dependent on each other. We can’t make it through life alone. So find a good counselor that will show you truths from the Bible that can change your life. In selecting someone to be your counselor, look for someone who has a high view of God and the Bible. When you go to a biblical counselor, you are doing more than just talking through your problems. You are now inviting God into the process and He is the only One that can produce lasting change in our lives. Many churches offer a chance to spend time with a counselor. Our church does so free of charge ( ).

Wisdom is priceless. What are some ways you search for wisdom in your life?

Sharing with someone

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