Is God happy with me?

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How can we know?

I’ve been pondering the words of a leper for the last week.

In Matthew 8:2 a man whose body is wracked with leprosy comes to Jesus and says “Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean”.

Can you imagine?

No hope, no cure, just a simple belief that this newcomer was more than a mere man.

He cries out for what he believes could be his only chance for survival. Wow, what a statement of faith.

As you read the next few stories in Matthew 8 and 9, you see a common theme develop – faith;

the faith of a leper, a soldier, an official, a sick woman, a couple of blind men, and the lack of faith from those closest to Jesus while in a storm.

If you are wondering if God is pleased with your choices and lifestyle, you have to answer this question:

Does my life require faith?

Hebrews 11:6 tells us that without this faith we can’t possibly please God.

I believe that God connects with us through the conduit of faith.

He is an all-powerful God who can do whatever He pleases, but He chooses to engage us in the process through our faith in Him.

Let me give you some practical ways to start developing this kind of faith today.

Faith says “God knows”

Faith believes that God knows every possible outcome from every possible action and has the power to enact His will through it all.

Our prayer lives do not exist to inform God of our situations, but to align our hearts to His intentions.

We bring our requests to God understanding that we may not get everything on our list and that’s a good thing. We also ask God during that time to begin to shape our requests to mirror His heart.

We trust that God knows what is best and is constantly working for our good.

Faith says “God can”

God can do whatever He wants to do without any limitations. His power and authority are boundless.

The question is never one of capability.

The question is timing and willingness. “Lord if You are willing…”

I have begun this week to pray some very large “Lord willing” prayers and I hope that many more will flood the throne room with gigantic requests that could only be realized if God intervenes.

God can, I believe sometimes He just waits for that one conduit of faith to boldly ask.

Faith says “God does”

God is still alive and well in our generation. He still moves in radical ways.

The biggest error we could fall into here is to believe that “faith does”.

Some would teach that all you have to do is say the right things or claim the right promise and your faith will produce the things you are looking for.

Make no mistake, faith cannot do anything on its own. It is the one true God in all His goodness and glory, that reaches out to man and intersects our mundane lives.

He provides significance to the insignificant. He makes the ordinary, extraordinary.

He changes lives

How would you finish this sentence – Lord if You are willing, You could…

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