Pilate then took Jesus and scourged Him. And the soldiers twisted together a crown of thorns and put it on His head, and put a purple robe on Him; and they began to come up to Him and say, “Hail, King of the Jews!” and to give Him slaps in the face. John 19:1-3


Jesus is always in control

Even when events seem to have spiraled downward into darkness, Jesus maintains control. Imagine the scene in heaven as the host of God’s armies sit at the edge watching these events unfold. The Creator being physically assaulted by His creation. The King of power being struck by the subjects of weakness. I can imagine the angels bearing witness to this cosmic injustice. Each slap causing them to flinch in response, straining against the desire to intervene. Just one of these angelic beings could annihilate the entire Roman cohort (2 Kings 19:35.) Each one could uphold the honor due Jesus, but instead they were rendered inactive, held in check solely by the will of God. Heaven was quiet, but Jesus is still in control.

You have value

All of these events are playing out according to His plan and for His purpose. Jesus planned for our redemption. He endured all of the shame and the pain that this world had to offer. He was beaten and broken for each of our sins and He passed through death and conquered it once and for all. He did all of this because, in His infinite grace and mercy, He has placed value on you. You are worth it.

When Heaven is quiet

When Heaven is quiet, remember that there is nothing outside the sovereignty of Jesus. He is still the ultimate authority. When you can’t see what the outcome will be, know that there is a plan in place. Submit to God’s will, endure the struggle, and know that this is not the end. Jesus has placed value on you, He has sacrificed for you and He will fight for you. Each struggle produces a victory. We may not always see the victory first hand, but we must trust that Jesus wins in every situation.

If you are in a struggle right now take a deep breath – in and out. That breath proves that God is not done with you yet. His purposes are alive and well. Resolve to make it through the present darkness and see the beautiful sunrise on the other side.

Lord God, I pray right now for all of those who are under the weight of this world and the oppression of sin. I ask that You make Your presence known to them in their darkest times and that they might understand the depth of Your love for them.