Crafting a Better Lifestyle

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Is there a fast track to success? I talk to a lot of people that would like to improve their situation in one way or another. They see an opportunity for growth in an area of their lives and they are looking for advice on how to get there. Commonly the questions revolve around how to overcome certain obstacles in order to get to the destination as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, these are the wrong questions. Success is just accomplishing a goal. The problem is that once we accomplish one goal, our brains move the goal posts and a new goal is formed. We will never find satisfaction in simply achieving “success.”

So how do we improve our lives and our situations?

I think in order to answer this, we need to start thinking like artists who are crafting our lives every moment of the day. To get more out of each day, think like a craftsman:

Craftsmen Enjoy the Process

When I lived in upstate New York, I had the opportunity to see some amazing craftsmen creating blown glass. It was so interesting to see them move the art from the fire and manipulate it and the repeat the process. Slowly a blob of raw materials became an incredible work of art. The finished work of a skilled craftsman is a beautiful thing.

Craftsman create because they enjoy the process of creating. They love the making of the art, just as much as the final product. If you want to find more success and enjoyment, you must find joy in the things that build your life. Things like Bible study and prayer are much more than a means to an end, they are the adventure itself. Dinner conversations can become much more meaningful when they are part of your craft. Every time you go to work and put your all into what you do, you are an artist. Find the joy in the process of becoming who God wants you to be and take pleasure in the things that form you.

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Craftsmen create something of value

I love things that are hand crafted. Judging by the amount of DIY stuff on Pinterest, you do too. There is something great about creating something of worth. When deciding how to spend the limited amount of time you possess, choose things that create value. As you craft a better lifestyle, be wise and invest in things that really matter.

Craftsmen don’t take shortcuts

There is not a shortcut to a well-crafted life. It takes time and investment. If you take joy in the elements that create the kind of life you desire and continually do things that have value, there is no need for a quick route to the end. One day, you simply look back and see how far God has brought you and you give thanks.

Enjoy the creative process as you craft something valuable in your life.

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