Essentials of Personal Growth

I love this season when we intentionally take some time to focus on just how much we have been blessed.

I look around and I am astounded by the depth of God’s goodness to me. I love looking back and seeing how far God has brought us.

This highlights the importance of personal growth. Nothing is more discouraging than stagnation, looking back and seeing yourself spinning your wheels with no progress.

When you see growth, however, you get energized to move forward with passion and persistence.

If you aren’t seeing the kind of growth you would like to see in your life, here are some steps to help you get started:

Get a Plan

We plan in all areas of our lives from what we are going to eat for lunch tomorrow to what we are going to wear.

You may be involved with planning meetings at work and then come home to discuss your family plans for the week.

We plan for almost everything, but when it comes to personal growth, we just expect it to happen without much thought.

If you want to see some substantial growth, make a plan to grow. Think through what kinds of things will stretch you and give you greater knowledge and greater application then make time for those things in your schedule.

Our time can disappear quickly, so make sure to carve out space for the things that are important.

Get Great Resources

We live in a great time for growth. Information is available to us from so many avenues.

Find things that will provide the spark for your intentional growth.

There is an infinitely deep well of blogs, podcasts, videos, books, and sermons to quench your desire to gain wisdom.

Find some good sources and add them into your routine. Find people of wisdom who challenge you toward a greater faith and action.

Get Back Up

Even the best plans fall apart from time to time.

Busyness creeps in and we miss some of our growth goals. When that happens, don’t let it defeat you.

Get right back onto your plan. Don’t get set back by setbacks.

Each time you get back up, you propel yourself forward.

It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, it matters how many times you get back up.


I want to hear from you. What are some ways you can invest in your personal growth? Leave a comment down below.

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